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 Parcel delivery and Cheap Courier Service

At, we offer a range of worldwide parcel delivery services aimed at ensuring that your parcel reaches its destination as quickly as possible, at a price to suit your budget. We work closely with a network of well known, reliable courier services, including UPS, TNT, DHL and  FedEx , and will find the one who will transport your package to your chosen destination in the quickest time or for the cheapest price, depending on your priorities.

Due to our longstanding arrangements with these courier services, you can receive up to 70% off standard parcel prices if you book through, rather than going direct to the courier.

When you book to send a parcel through us, we will offer you a range of convenient options for having your parcel collected from you. Depending on which is better for you, we can arrange for your chosen courier to collect the parcel directly from you at home or work, or you may choose to drop your parcel off at a local Post Office, delivery depot or local shop. We will take care of any paperwork concerning oversees delivery, and your quoted price will include any customs charges applicable.

Our service is professional and we take great care to provide excellent customer service. We want you to be able to relax knowing that you can always contact us if you have any queries or concerns about your delivery.

Parcel Delivery and Courier Service to Europe

While the UK remains part of the European Union, there will be no customs charges applicable on packages delivered to other EU countries. Nobody knows yet what rules will apply when Brexit has been finalised, but as soon as this becomes clear we will inform any client who wants to send parcels to the EU of any new requirements.

Other countries in Europe that are not part of the EU may require customs forms or fees to be paid, but, if so, then you will be alerted to these when you book, so that you can make an informed decision about whether to proceed. If customs forms are required, we will email these to you and all you will need to do is print them out and attach them to your parcel.

For now, if you want to send a parcel to other EU countries, you will be able to choose from several reputable carriers through who will be able to take your parcel to your chosen destination. Generally, if you want your parcel to arrive quickly, the price will be higher than if you are happy for the parcel to arrive slightly later in order to stick to a tight budget.

If your parcel needs to arrive within a particular time, you can request this when you book. You will then be directed to the carriers that offer a service within most European countries within one or two days, such as DHL Express. Your parcel will be tracked and delivered as quickly as possible. For countries that are less accessible, for example, some parts of Russia, this express delivery service may take up to five days to reach the recipient, but this is considerably quicker than standard delivery times.

If you don't need your parcel to be delivered within a tight time frame, you can order a cheap parcel delivery to Europe through our site. Your parcel delivery will take longer than our express options, but will reliably reach its destination at a much lower cost. To save more money, you can opt to drop your parcel off at your local Post Office or shop, rather than have your parcel collected from your home or work.

International Parcel Delivery and Courier Service

We work with courier services that deliver parcels worldwide. To book a parcel delivery to a country outside the EU, please click for a quote and we will tell you which couriers will take your parcel, how long your delivery will take and how much it will cost. You can then decide whether you want your parcel to be delivered within a particular time or within a particular budget.

You will need to print a label and any customs documents that may be required. Some countries have restrictions on what can be sent by courier or post, and customs forms will need to be completed. If it is legal to send your item to a particular country, we will fill in the paperwork you need and all you will have to do is print it off and attach it to your parcel.

Each destination will have its own local rules and regulations on what you can send by post or courier. Australia, for example, will not permit any soil, plants or even cardboard that has at one time held fruit and vegetables or meat, to protect its natural flora and fauna. If you are unsure of whether you can send a parcel, please contact us for advice.

Please note that many parcel courier services will not carry certain items  when asking for a quote, please provide us with enough detail about what you are sending so that we will only provide you with quotes from couriers who will actually be able to deliver your parcel.

Book with us for cheap parcel delivery

For cheap parcel deliveries or to have your parcel delivered within a tight timeframe, click for a quote. We will generate a list of the courier services that will deliver your parcel to suit your budget and time constraints and you can then make an informed decision about which carrier to choose. Then, either arrange for your parcel to be collected or drop your parcel off at a convenient location, such as a local Post Office. If there are any forms that need to be completed we will do this for you simply print those forms and attach them to your parcel.

If you have any queries about your parcel delivery please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Why US  ( You can Send & Receive Parcels to more than 220 Destinations ).

  1. Compare Parcel Delivery Price with Top Branded Couriers( DHL, UPS, TNT, FX  & USPS).
  2. More than 60% Savings available to UK and Worldwide Destinations.
  3. You Can Send or Receive Parcels to more than  220 Destinations Around the World.
  4. Collection from Home or Office.
  5. Same Day Collection Available.
  6. Free £50.00 Worth of Insurance with all of our Services.
  7. All services comes with on line tracking and signed for.

With so many couriers and parcel delivery companies out there, its a buyers market meaning you can get a great deal. However, it can take considerable time and effort to find a cheap parcel delivery service that operates in your area or that can take your parcel to where you want it to go, simply because there are so many couriers to choose from! Thats where we come in: we can find you the best, cheap parcel delivery service that will take your package from wherever you are to wherever you want the parcel to be delivered

We Work With Big Name Couriers for Reliability and Cheap Rates.

We work in partnership with the biggest parcel delivery companies so that you can have your parcels delivered nationally or internationally at the best price, often at discounted rates that we have been able to negotiate for our customers.

Whats more, we can make life even easier for you by booking your deliveries. Parcel delivery companies such as DHL, UPS, United States Postal Service and FX can all offer you cheap parcel delivery options and we can even arrange next day delivery or even same day delivery.

Big Business or Private Seller - We Can Arrange a Courier For You

You might be a private seller on eBay who wants to send a large parcel at the cheapest price and be assured that the parcel will reach the buyer, avoiding any claims by the buyer that your parcel did not arrive. If so, book through us and rest assured that your buyer will receive your parcel without delay. Your business might involve posting out goods to online buyers, meaning that you often have several parcels to send every day or week, to locations across the country or internationally.

Whether you have a one-off parcel delivery to arrange or a business that relies on safe, fast delivery of your goods to customers, we can offer you a range of services at a range of prices so that you can choose the best option for you.

Easy Price and Service Comparison

We make it easy for you to see all the various parcel delivery options at a glance, so that you can decide on how much you want to pay and how quickly you want your packages to arrive. We also help you by comparing the collection and delivery points of each of our partner couriers, so that you can make an informed decision when choosing which courier service to book.

Our booking service makes it quick and easy for you to arrange for collection and delivery of your parcels, with no need to click through to separate websites to enter the same information again and again. Once you have booked your courier and sent your parcels you can easily keep track of their delivery progress through our tracking option.

If you wish to view quotes from ALL courier services, please enter city name and postcode too.

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